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       Strict Account Protection Mechanism

  When opening an account, the customer needs to provide his real name and valid ID number. After opening an account, we will bind the customer's name and the account number used to collect the payment when the customer withdraws money. The customer's withdrawal account must also be his own name. When each sum of money is remitted, the financial department will check whether the bank account is the same as the customer's name. Only the customer himself can change the business of binding data, and after the change must also be his own name of the bank account. So even in the most serious cases, when a customer leaks his or her trading password, no one else can profit by getting a customer's trading account. We only remit the bank account with the customer's name.

  SSL Encrypted Data Transfer, Full Secret Information

  All customer data information is secured at the highest level and stored in databases that are disconnected from the outside world. All staff members shall sign confidentiality agreements and shall not disclose any information to the outside world, otherwise they shall be held liable. We will not disclose customer information to any third-party organization or individual. Customers'personal data and transaction information are most closely protected. At the same time, we also recommend that customers themselves do not disclose information and data to the outside world. It is suggested to modify password regularly to protect personal data and transaction information.

  Independent Accounts, Quick and Convenient Payment

  Attaches great importance to the safety of customers'funds. We have a perfect system to strictly control internal risks. Customer funds are totally independent of the company's operating funds. Customers' deposits are put into the trusteeship bank in full. The company employs an independent third-party auditor to audit the company's accounts quarterly, fully ensuring that the company will not use customer funds for any reason. Customers will arrive on time on the day of withdrawal without restriction on the amount of cash.