Account opening process
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    Step 1: Enter the official website designated by foreign exchange dealers or their agents to fill in the opening documents as required (in the opening documents, the name, nationality, address, bank name, bank card number, ID card number, contact telephone, e-mail and so on are usually filled in. In particular, it is emphasized that customers need to provide the correct e-mail address, which is the channel of communication between customers and foreign traders. Generally, traders will send customers'transaction bills through E-mail regularly. In addition, customers need to submit identity cards and information with names and addresses, such as bank statements, utility bills, etc.
    Step 2: Through email, the dealer sends the real transaction account number and password to the customer (the customer's bank card number, e-mail and real transaction account are bound together).
    Step 3: The customer puts the funds into the account designated by the trader, and the trader injects the funds into the account after confirming the payment. (There are usually credit cards, wire transfers, etc. and many traders support LR, MB, PAYPAL and other online payment methods.)
    Step 4: Log on to the real server and start the real transaction!