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 Q   How long does it take for the cash to arrive?

 A   Cash is paid in seconds and can be traded on arrival.


 Q   What is the lowest capital input?

 A   The lowest entry is $1000.


 Q   What are the trading hours?

 A   Full-time trading.


 Q   Is the amount of deposit guaranteed by trust? Is the fund safe?

 A   We attach great importance to the safety of customers'funds. We have a perfect system to strictly control internal risks. Customer funds are totally independent of the company's operating funds. And there are third-party audit reports every quarter.


 Q   How to collect the fee for payment?

 A   The amount of the deposit is 3%. The amount of the deposit should be more than $100 before the application can be processed. Several payments applied for on the same day are not counted as one payment, but are processed according to the actual number of payments.


 Q   Does the payment come in Renminbi?

 A   The fixed exchange rate of 1:6.9 is the same as that of the cash in the account. The deposit shall be processed on the bank card for submission of the information.


 Q   ow long will it take for the payment to be processed?

 A   Payment  3 working days to account. With the postponement of holidays, the financial affairs shall be handled one after another according to the order of application for payment.


 Q   Do you need to upload any information before you pay the gold?

 A   Please upload the ID card and bank card information before the first gold issue. Identity cards and bank card account opening information need to be consistent.


 Q   How to query your own deposits and withdrawals?

 A   In my account - my report - transaction report, click on withdrawals / deposits, inquire about deposits and withdrawals and other detailed records.


 Q   How can I inquire about my trading situation?

 A   You can inquire about the investor's investment in each single item in my account - trading report. You can pull time to choose a particular day and a certain period of trading situation.


 Q   Can we only trade on computers?

 A   The platform has two ways: Computer Trading Client and mobile phone trading client, account synchronization.


 Q   Is there a handling charge for the transaction?

 A   There is no handling fee for all transactions.