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 Q  What procedures do you need to open an account?

 A  Register for a real account. Please ensure that your email and information are authentic and easy to check with you. Please upload the electronic version of your ID card and bank card.


 Q  How long does it take to open an account?

 A  Real accounts are activated after successful registration. You can trade in gold.


 Q  Can you open multiple accounts in one mailbox?

 A  No, the mailbox is the account login account, a mailbox can only register a transaction account. You can no longer change the mailbox in the data.


 Q  What if the bank card information changes?

 A  If you need to change the bank card information, please enter my account.---Upload the document, upload the new bank card information, indicate the account and change the bank card information, and in my account--Modify new bank card information in personal data. The changed bank card must be consistent with the original ID card opening information. If you have any questions, please consult online customer service.


 Q  What if you forget your password?

 A  To change your password, please send your password change application to your company's mailbox through your account mailbox.https://www.rimfxgroup.comAfter receiving the mail, the staff will handle it. The new password will be answered by email. Please check your email carefully. Please log in to my account in time after successful login---Modify the password in the password. Don't let the password out easily. If the transaction account and password are handed over to another person for operation by the customer, the loss will be borne by the customer himself.