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Full Upgraded Edition“RIM Extreme Foreign Exchange&rdquo,Bring you a brand new trading experience!

           On April 1, 2017, Ono's foreign exchange rate has been upgraded in an all-round way. We will bring you a brand new trading experience——Quick order without card! Gold in and out arrives at the accounts very quickly!24Hour customer service online all day!

1. The domain name of RIM is:

2、Individual transaction accounts are not generated according to the above rules due to system reasons. We will send you an email to inform you! If you still can't log on to RIM, please contact Ono's home page customer service, we will solve it for you at the first time!

4. The new RIM trading center was officially opened at 0:00 on April 2.

   Please convey the above to each other, I hope to know! Please understand the inconvenience brought to you!

       In order to thank you for your support and understanding, RIM launched Thanksgiving activities. See the announcement for details!

Marketing Department

30 March 2017