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RIM will do its utmost to ensure the security of customer privacy and information and to fulfil its confidentiality obligations during and after the cooperation between customers and companies.

1. When a customer registers with RIM, he or she agrees to share personal information with our company. This information will be used to identify customers and ensure the security of their deposits and trading accounts. This information is obtained through a series of strict confirmation procedures, which can prevent international money laundering activities and ensure the safety of customers throughout the transaction.

2. Customers promise to provide us with real, up-to-date and accurate identity information. In addition, they must clearly state that they are registered and traded in their own name, and that they do not engage in any acts that may be considered fraudulent at any time, nor pretend to be others for any reason.

3. RIM data acquisition program includes: collecting information that customers agree to share and network tracker installed to collect data about activities between customers and companies. These tools for collecting customer information are designed to ensure the personal safety of customers. All data collected by the company can only be used by staff involved in validating customer account information within the company to ensure the confidentiality and security of customer information.

4. RIM will not disclose any private or other confidential information about existing and old customers to third parties without the written consent of the customer, except when certain information is required by law or when the identity of the customer is confirmed to protect the security of the account in accordance with other necessary circumstances.

5. Once RIM registers and voluntarily uses RIM products and services, it is deemed to confirm and agree that RIM uses the following information: all information in a trading account that is traded through that account and generated by other activities. The company will retain all activities between customers and our company to deal with possible future disputes.

6. RIM makes every effort to ensure the security of customer's personal information. Through the use of the information protection program designed to protect the information security of the guests, the information of the guests can be protected for a long time.

7. RIM will from time to time provide customers with further information on extreme foreign exchange or financial market transactions by telephone or e-mail. In addition, the company may inform customers about customized promotional products by telephone or e-mail from time to time. When the customer registers with RIM and agrees to the terms and conditions of use, he or she is deemed to agree to adopt the above contact method. Anyone has the right to cancel any further contact with RIM at any time. You only need to contact our company by e-mail and ask the company to stop contacting.